School and Community Group Visits

I’m an active member of several writing organizations that offer Writers in the Schools (WITS) programs, and would love to chat about a virtual or in-person author visit. This year I’m also part of Canadian Children’s Book Week and will be touring Cape Breton!

I’m happy to work with you to tailor sessions to your students’ needs. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Flying High into Books (pre-primary through Grade 2): This high-energy interactive session focuses on Danielle’s bestselling aviation picture books. Kids will get up and moving, contribute questions and connections, and watch a multimedia PowerPoint with lots of pictures and video clips. If we have time left over, there are crafts and colouring sheets to enjoy! Ideal for ages 3-7.
  • Wonder-Full Writing (Grades 3-6): Ever wondered what it takes to become an author, where writers get their ideas, and more? This interactive PowerPoint session walks kids through Danielle’s journey from 7-year-old creator to writing and publishing professional. We’ll talk about articles, poems, songs, books and more! Ideal for ages 7-11.
  • Five Tops Tips for Researching & Creating Nonfiction (Grades 4-6): Danielle loves writing and reading fiction, but nonfiction has a special place in her heart – and her bookshelf! In this session, she’ll share her favourite tips and tricks from over 20 years of nonfiction research, writing, and publishing. Come ready to figure out your nonfiction superpowers and learn why true stories are sometimes the best stories! Ideal for ages 9-12.
  • The Care and Feeding of Creatives (adaptable for Grades 3 and up): This session gives creative kids the chance to learn and practice hands-on strategies for self-knowledge and self-care. Big topics include: handling rejection, giving and receiving feedback, busting through creative blocks, and more. (Hint: chocolate is involved) Ideal for ages 8-12.

Rates start at $100 (CAD/USD) + taxes based on the length of session and whether it is virtual or in-person. This includes all administrative and prep costs. Travel costs are extra.

“It was absolutely fantastic! I love how down to earth you are and the language you use with students is so easy to understand.” Ms. Smallwood. – ¾ class at Atlantic Memorial Elementary School.

“The students so enjoyed your enthusiasm for writing/reading along with your sharing of your writing process. It was wonderful that you spoke to the students about your favourite books, where you find your flow, and how the writing process takes place from inspiration to publishing! It was so wonderful to see how much they all drew inspiration from your visit.” – Ms. Spooner. Atlantic Memorial Elementary School. 

Here are resources and activities to get you started!

Click here for a free printable craft created by my publisher!