Advance Praise for Polar Winds

INTO_THE_ABYSS_CDNWhen my colleague Carol Shaben, bestselling author of Into the Abyss, offered to review my book I was a little anxious. As a huge fan of her work, her opinion means a lot. So when the following note hit my inbox I held my breath – then was just blown away by her kind words. I hope you feel the same when you read it!






With Polar Winds: A Century of Flying the North, Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail brings us an extraordinarily intimate, engaging and all-encompassing chronicle of Canadian flight north of the 60th parallel. Metcalfe-Chenail proves herself a remarkable historian and writer, weaving factual accounts with compelling stories of risk, heroism and adventure. Brimming with amazing archival photographs and gripping detail acquired through meticulous research and personal interviews, Polar Winds is a definitive and important addition to the canon of Canadian aviation history. An astonishing accomplishment.

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