Artist Takeover in Edmonton

Natasha Deen, author of several books including a new YA one, True Grime, decided to put on an artist takeover at the Whitemud Crossing Library. After several weeks of coordinating with the library, sponsors, and a group of us writers/artists, her vision came to life.
Me and Natasha Deen taking a break

 Through PA announcements and us physically going to round people up, we got a solid audience of all ages and backgrounds. I’m sure it didn’t hurt that Natasha had snagged oodles of prizes from Chapters-Indigo,  Metro Continuing Education, the Writer’s Guild of Alberta, and more. And of course, all the participants donated at least one book or piece of art!

Artist and writer Caitlin Crawshaw listening to other readers

Our full line-up included:

Natasha - like the audience - is captivated as Joan Marie Galat explores the mysteries of astronomy through science and myth.

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