Beautiful video about Freddie the Flyer by APTN News

Thank you so much to APTN journalist Karli Zschogner for creating this gorgeous video featuring Fred and Miki in their home and hangar along with:

  • Bobbi Joe Greenland-Morgan (former Gwich’in Grand Chief, inspired to become the first female Grand Chief by Fred who had filled that role)
  • Our book launch in Inuvik in November
  • Kids like Cooper Lennie who featured Fred and other Indigenous pilots in their Wisdom Fest projects
  • The Mackenzie Delta, Inuvik Rec Centre mural, Cessna weathervane in Inuvik, etc
  • The Canadian regional director of the Dolly Parton Imagination Library and clips of Ms. Parton herself – phew!

Karli also created an article featuring some lovely photos as well! Click here to read it.