Book Review Countdown #2: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

It was a rainy morning in Victoria when I bought this book. My toddler and I went to the Chapters-Indigo store downtown to take shelter, and I discovered that almost the whole basement was full of kid’s toys, books, and a play area. While my son played with another little girl at the fire station/doll house, I chatted with a young staff member. She was in her final year of a Lit degree at Uvic and had just taken a course in children’s literature. When I asked her for her favourites, this topped her list. I bought it, read it in an hour and a half, and wept through most of it (in a good way).


The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo

 In this story of a vain china rabbit who realizes the importance of love, DiCamillo has woven a classic fable that is deceptively simple, but incredibly emotionally engaging (warning: you’ll need tissues). It is a morality tale, but it’s not preachy. It is a beautiful story that you can sit and read in an hour on your own, or share with the children in your life at a slower pace during bedtime. I know it will become a treasured keepsake for my bookshelf  I know it will become a treasured keepsake for my bookshelf that I’ll re-read in the years to come.

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