Building Community on Instagram Live!

This past week I got to chat with my writing friend and former Houston neighbour Tonya Ellis on her great Instagram Live series, Write This!

I had a few tech issues on my end, being a newbie to IG Live and having had the power and internet go out at my rural Nova Scotia house about an hour beforehand, but it was so lovely to reconnect and talk about building writing community. (I was not talking over her in real time – there’s a lag in the recording!)

Back when I lived in Houston, Tonya and I (and other lovely local published or soon-to-be published authors) gathered weekly at a coffee shop to do write-ins. This became an important part of my writing practice and community at the time, and we chat about how to set one up and run one in this interview!

Hope you get some useful ideas. Feel free to connect and become part of my writing community on social media or through my e-newsletter.