The votes are in: The Masked Avengers have won!

We are two days away from the American election and it’s getting pretty exciting. The local middle schools here in Green River, WY have already held their mock elections, participating in the National Student/Parent Mock Election Day. The elections were pretty close, but the Republican McCain/Palin team won at both schools (161-103 at one andContinue reading “The votes are in: The Masked Avengers have won!”

Meanwhile back home in Canada…

There are definitely some interesting political happenings here in the US – what with the presidential race and all that… But in my book nothing beats good ol’ Canadian politico-cultural satire. My dad – ever trawling the Web – forwarded this video to me. If you have ever lived in Quebec or another part ofContinue reading “Meanwhile back home in Canada…”

Ongoing Mysteries

Doug and I are still living day-to-day and week-to-week regarding the move to Wyoming. Everyone I’ve spoken with thinks it’s very strange we don’t know when we’re actually moving or where we’ll be living when we get down there. Me too! I knew there would be a lot of hoops to jump through and headachesContinue reading “Ongoing Mysteries”

Vancouver hammer incident another random act of violence

A few hours ago I received a disturbing message from one of my friends in Vancouver. Just after 10:30pm at Majestic, a popular gay nightspot on Davie St., a man came in brandishing a hammer. He injured several unsuspecting staff members and patrons. As my friend said, “there was blood everywhere.” Luckily, my friend wasContinue reading “Vancouver hammer incident another random act of violence”