Nobody Cries At Bingo: Newest book on my wish list

Last year, fellow Edmonton writer Dawn Dumont was nominated for the Alberta’s Readers Choice Award. Her book, Nobody Cries at Bingo makes fun of her misadventures during her younger years on the Okanese First Nations reserve in Saskatchewan. For a province that has 31 bingo halls, locals can’t seem to get enough of the 75-ball bingo that is popular in Fantasyland Bingo,, and Lucky Horseshoe. Even churches in Saskatchewan use the game for charity fundraisers!

In her book, Dawn admits the game was a staple in their family gatherings. She was once quoted as saying: “Bingo was an understood rule in our family.”

Of course, the book goes far beyond bingo: Dawn apparently recounts, with much mirth, her various experiences as a typical Canadian teen who faced weight issues, bickered with siblings, and had boy problems. .

Dawn’s ability to make fun of herself apparently stems from years of being a stand-up comedian. She’s performed in Toronto and New York comedy spots like Laugh Resort, Yuk Yuk’s, Improv, New York Comedy Club, and Comic Strip. She now authors plays and currently writes for radio and television. She is also a story editor for the satirical cartoon series “By the Rapids.”
Some of the reviews from Goodreads have piqued my interest as well: “Gives us a new horizon against which to measure our experiences – inviting us into life on the reservation,” and “she paints a picture of rez life with great affection and understanding and humor.”


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