Chat about writing with Rachael Herron!

It was a dream come true to have this chat with my favourite writing instructor, coach and podcaster (and incredibly talented author) – Rachael Herron. She is such a kind and encouraging human, and I hope I get to meet her in person in New Zealand sometime soon! I never imagined when I listened to her ‘Fast Draft Your Memoir’ book back in Houston that I might be working with her and call her friend.

I hope some of my hard-won wisdom and tools from 15 years of publishing can help you out!

  • The idea of a ‘try jar’
  • The lilypad method I picked up from Charlotte Gray back in the day
  • How somatic therapy and woo woo practices help me get to the page and regain my centre while writing tough material
  • How I keep my antennae up and act a little bit like a ‘hustler’ 🙂