18 thoughts on “Chatelaine’s Maverick of the Year!

  1. Danielle,
    Congratulations!!! You deserve the honour considering all the effort that you have put into the CAHS, including the very successful conference in Edmonton this year. You are a breath of fresh air that the Society needed. I think that you have taught us members something about communications and that will help revive CAHS.

    Best Regards,

    Howard Malone

  2. Congratulations Danielle. You are certainly right that women are underrepresented in aviation. At one time, the
    CAAA had eight (15% of members) women artists on its roster, but they have now dwindled to only three, and we
    really don’t know why.

  3. Gee! I’m so proud of you, “maverick” Danielle ! It could’nt happen to a better person…You’ve been doing a great job at and for the CAHS ! I’m sure we are numerous to recognize you’ve contributed greatly at reviving an important & necessary organization that was in dire peril…You “high flyer” look great on that Chatelaine article pic.
    Long live the CAHS and her young dynamic president !
    One of the…”older men”,
    Dr Jean-Claude Marcoux
    Mt-St-Hilaire, Qc

  4. As one of the earliest members ( # 12 ) and former member of the Board of Directors,We have never had a president the communicates so well for the C.A.H.S.
    through all the mean that are now available, The journal
    through the years under Bill Wheeler (Aviation Hall of Fame) Guided us to where we are to-day. With that foundation and your great effort we are hear to stay !
    Yours Sincerely, Ernest Harrison.

  5. Congratulations on the maverick status, from one of your fans since that first book!

  6. Thanks to all of you for your kind words and good wishes. I have really enjoyed my time so far with the CAHS: there’s a great exec team, board members, and some of the most dedicated “general” members I’ve ever encountered. Your passion fuels me!

  7. Congratulations Danielle! Well done. I’m very jealous that you’ve had a ride with Buffalo Joe! Thanks for the great job representing women in aviation. If you’re ever in the Windsor, Ontario area, please look up the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association at the Windsor International Airport. We’d love to see you, and we have a couple of vintage aircraft you might like to experience firsthand as well. Cheers and well done!

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