Edmonton’s First Annual #Yeggies!

DMC and Dana Yeggies 2013This past Saturday night was the first annual #Yeggies awards in Edmonton for New Media. I got to go with pal Dana DiTomaso (@danaditomaso), who gave out the first prize of the evening (her company, Kick Point, was one of the sponsors). What a great event and lovely group of people! Host Trent Wilkie (@thetrentwilkie) was hilarious (even for a semi-geek like me who doesn’t always get the Star Wars references). Oh, and I don’t know who the caterer was, but the tiramisu-in-shot-glasses was amazing!

It was particularly great to chat with the following folks:


@bingo fuel (aka Adam Rozenhart)

@ekymson (aka Eldon Kymson)

@Paulatics (aka Paula Simons)

@KikkiPlanet (never did figure out her real name!)

And Tanis Miller, creator of Attack of the Redneck Mommy blog (and Best in Family or Parenting category winner!).







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