Jim Bruce releases Aviation Art

Jim Bruce is widely known for his award-winning aviation art. This full-colour book traces his lengthy career creating these masterpieces of military, civil, general and bush aviation, and would be an excellent addition to any collection.
Book details and ordering info:
J.B. Graphics Inc. has published a softcover book (laminated covers, perfect binding) AVIATION ART By JIM BRUCE, 8.5″H x 11″W. The book is 120 pages, 24 in black and white, the rest in full colour. The books are signed and personalized by the artist.
Books are sent Canada Post Expedited Parcel. Allow 10 working days for processing orders, handling and shipping. Order by emailj.bruce@videotron.ca with your coordinates, or mail your order to 295 Lorraine  Baie d’Urfe, QC  H9X2R2. Please make cheques payable to J.B. Graphics Inc.
The book price is $44.95 Cdn (plus $10 for shipping within Canada, and $2.25 GST, total $57.70). For international orders, please email for shipping cost. The price without shipping is $47.20 CAN ( $44.95 CAN plus $2.25 HST/GST).

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