Launch of Canine Confessions

Congratulations to Laskin Publishing, my parents’ press, on the release of its first book! Canine Confessions is a new book by Montreal-based author Bernadette Griffin:

canineconfessions cover May 1 web“An erudite dog’s perspective on life in and around Montréal and the Laurentians during the 1970s unearths a meticulously crafted tale about the human condition. As we follow Daisy, a flaxen-haired cocker spaniel, on her life’s journey, we join others in theirs: Monique and Harry and their three children; feisty Aunt Irène; Monique’s cougar friend Marina and her dalliance with Monique’s son; Brunhilde the singing teacher; a pair of sociopathic cockatoos … and, through their languages and music, they share their stories with Daisy, the all-seeing, all-hearing witness.

With her lyrical and poetic writing, Montréal author and musician/conductor Bernadette Griffin shares her love of classical and 60s music alongside the great poets Rilke, Whitman and Frost.  Like Racing in the Rain, Canine Confessions gives us a mind- and heart-expanding view of the world as experienced by man’s best friend.

As Gazette literary critic Ian McGillis wrote, “Bernadette Griffin renders a dog’s-eye view more vividly than most writers render a human’s. I will never forget Daisy, and you will never forget Canine Confessions.”


For further information or a review copy, please contact:

Mary Metcalfe

Laskin Publishing

Tel: 819.426.3695

Mobile: 819.993.8013


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