21st Century Publishing, New Niches and Transmedia Storytelling

The afternoon of May 7th I found myself attending two more sessions at the Edge of Print Conference that raised a lot of questions for me. The first was “The Multi-Niche Writer: Spinning Your Idea through Genres and Media” with Judy Schultz. Judy is an accomplished writer and tv host, and certainly knows how toContinue reading “21st Century Publishing, New Niches and Transmedia Storytelling”

Writing and Publishing on the Edge

Another weekend, another writing conference! This last one was Get Publishing’s Edge of Print event, and it was a heavy-hitter of sessions, panels, and pitch camps, plus lots of time to network. The day opened with a keynote from Minister Faust (aka Malcolm Azania, aka Captain E-Town) called “Honing Your Edge.” As his bio says:Continue reading “Writing and Publishing on the Edge”