Commemorating a Prairie Aviation Legend

John Howe, one of the pioneers of crop spraying in Canada and a member of the Saskatchewan Aviation Hall of Fame, passed away March 22, 2012. His family has created a lovely website to commemorate his achievements and those of his company, Praire Flying Service. As his son Marty wrote me, the company

was formed by four R.C.A.F. veterans in the spring of 1946. The principals involved were Bob MacKnight, Paddy Watson, Art Davis and John Howe. Some dusting of orchards in eastern Canada had been done previous to this time, however the spraying of liquid had never been done in Canada.   On July 11, 1947 they received a license from the Air Transport Board to operate the “flying water can,” the first licensed aerial spray rig in Canada.


The site has a wonderful assortment of photos from Mr. Howe’s private collection, and is a digital archives of sorts.  If you are interested in the history of prairie flying in Canada, crop spraying, or aviation in general, this site is worth a look!

Of Moose and Men Set to Launch

 One of my writing colleagues is set to release his latest book, Of Moose and Men: A Wildlife Vet’s Pursuit of the World’s Largest Deer (ECW Press, May 2012). Jerry Haigh, who has spent his life working with lions, and rhinos, and moose (oh my!) during his moves from Glasgow to Saskatchewan (via Africa)  is a master storyteller and I have had the pleasure of hearing some of the anecdotes featured in this book.

To check out excerpts from the book, please visit his website.

It is available for pre-order through Amazon and will be brought out in both paper and e-book form. Also, forward-thinking ECW Press will give an e-book version to anyone who buys the ‘traditional’ book!



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