Taking Polar Winds Home

Earlier this month I was able to do launches in my hometown of Ottawa, and my alma mater McGill. It is always amazing to share my work and book parties with friends and family, and to reconnect with some of the people who encouraged me on this path.

Here are a few shots from those evenings! Thanks to Alexandra Leslie for being the photographer in Ottawa, and Alexandre Claude for snapping the lovely pics in Montreal.

It is always such a pleasure to personalize books – really one of the best parts of the job!
The Canada Aviation and Space Museum generously hosted us in the foyer and theatre. What a perfect location!
Perfect Books was on hand to sell our books. Thanks, Jim!
Me and my co-launcher, Crystal Sissons (author of bio on Elsie MacGill) took advantage of the great “props” to take a few photos.
My home base at McGill, the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, hosted a multi-author launch for Polar Winds and two other new works of history (from McGill-Queen’s University Press) at the gorgeous Faculty Club.
One of the first professors to encourage me on the path of History – and one I’m still in touch with – Desmond Morton.
After corresponding for years, I finally got to meet my online friend Jean-Claude and his lovely wife Lucille.
Our short talks focused on the challenges and joys of the research process for our books. I love words, but pictures are pretty effective too!
Will Straw from MISC and Michael Darroch, one of my co-launchers. We all hung out at dinner afterwards, which is always half the fun!


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