This Week’s CBC Column: YEG’s Muslim Community

This week my summer column returns to its normal time slot at 4:40pm on Wednesday. I will be speaking to the long Muslim history in Edmonton with help from social entrepreneur and heritage project leader, Omar Yaqub. If you can’t catch the column then, or you’d like to listen to past editions, please click here for the CBC Edmontont SoundCloud site.

Omar shows off a beautiful Kashmiri prayer rug depicting the Kaaba at Mecca.


The Green Room is tucked away next to Centre High, which apparently has a high proportion of Muslim students.P1020576


The Green Room, I was told, is a safe, serene space for Muslim youth to hang out, observe prayers, and get some studying done.


There is art from around the world on display, including this awesome piece by local artist Adnan Alladen.


One of the supporting beams shows young members on field trips and during celebrations, wrapped in twinkle lights.
We are currently in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and Green Room members have signalled their intentions on the “idea paint” wall.


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