Upcoming CBC Column: Edmonton’s Jewish Heritage and Community


Just got back from interviewing Paul Gifford, the archivist at the Jewish Archives and Historical Society of Edmonton and Northern Alberta (JAHSENA) for the first installment of my summer column. For the next 10 weeks I get to reprise my role as summer columnist for CBC Radio Active as I explore the diversity in our fair city, past and present. I think we’ll be broadcasting them live on Wednesdays at 4:40pm and possibly posting podcasted versions afterward. Hope you listen in and in the meantime, enjoy these photos from today!








One thought on “Upcoming CBC Column: Edmonton’s Jewish Heritage and Community

  1. Hi Danielle, saw your post this morning, and I have a great edmonton author I’d like to pitch that should fit into your summer column. Are you producing the show or is someone else? If you could drop me a quick note i’d love to send you a pitch.

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