Women of Aviation – Events and Free Flights!

Women of Aviation Week is here again, and here are just a couple of events you can experience around the country:

1. FREE flights for girls at Rockcliffe Airport in Ottawa, ON and other airports in Canada.

2. FREE entry at the Alberta Aviation Museum in Edmonton. I’ll be giving a talk about some pioneering ladies at 3 p.m., including a sneak peek at some featured in my upcoming book, Polar Winds: A Century of Flying the North (Dundurn, 2014). You can get signed copies of my last book, For the Love of Flying, too!


“Evening” from 40 Below Anthology on a bus!


And in case you can’t read the poem in the slightly off-centre picture and/or would like to check out the other poems by fellow contributors, click here or visit the Edmonton Poetry Festival page!

Donald Maass on the writers’ class system

My mother and fellow writer, Mary Metcalfe, forwarded me this very interesting blog post recently by literary agent Donald Maass. If you’re a fiction writer – aspiring or published – I’d recommend taking a second to read it!

The New Class System

This month in keeping with our look inside publishing, I’m departing from my usual craft advice to give you my view of the new state of the industry.

I don’t see the new shape of things as many do: the twilight of the dinosaurs, the old-thinking Big Five print publishers staggering, falling to their knees and heading for extinction as they’re overwhelmed by a nimble army of small, warm-blooded mammals whose claws are the sharp, smart, flexible tools of electronic publishing. [To read the rest, click here.]


Promote your work and yourself!

Are you a writer looking to get the word out there about you and your projects? On February 22 I’m doing a one-day course on promotion for writers through the University of Alberta in Edmonton and I’d love for you to attend. The class will be small so we can focus on your questions and concerns. And you don’t have to be computer savvy (I promise I won’t try and make you join Twitter)! It should be a fun and informative day. Feel free to email me questions about the course at info@daniellemc.com and I hope to see you there!

To read the course description and register, please click here.


A new and exciting year

2014 is here and I have a feeling it’s going to be another interesting and exciting year! To kick things off, I submitted my draft of Polar Winds: A Century of Flying the North to my editor over at Dundurn, and we’re on track to release it this fall (stay tuned for updates).

Time to get back into my WWII-era novel, Chasing Skies, that has been on the backburner these past two years… looking forward to reconnecting with Sally, Alex and the crew, and travel back to England vicariously through them – even if it’s at a time of war.

I’m also looking forward to teaching here in Edmonton, giving talks at various conferences, and taking part in great events like the Glass Door Coffee House series. I’ll be reading my poems from the 40 Below anthology on Thursday, January 30 @ 7-9pm along with other talented writers, Dolly Dennis, Robin Young, Jannie Edwards, and Jennifer Quist. We’ll also have music from Trevor Duplessis, and host Theresa Wynn will keep us all in line. It’s free, there’s lots of great food and wine to be had, and it’s a warm and welcoming open mic if you’d like to read, sing, or perform.

Hope to see you soon, and until then – happy researching and writing!



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