Who We Are: YEG’s German Community


This week on my CBC Radio Active column, I talk with Arnim Joop about the history of the German community in Edmonton – and what it’s like today. We had a great chat at the new Mill Woods Edmonton Public Library location, where there was a lineup out the door at opening time! Luckily we snagged one of the quiet rooms for our short chat. Arnim even gave me a couple of copies of the newspapers he publishes, which you can grab at various points around the city for free as well.

You can hear our conversation tomorrow, Wednesday, July 28 at approximately 4:40pm MST. Then it’ll be uploaded to their SoundCloud channel!

Here are a few links you might find interesting on the topic:


Who We Are: YEG’s Somali Community


This week I got to chat with Ahmed “Knowmadic” Ali, a poet and spoken word artist in Edmonton about the Somali community here in town.

If you’d like to hear our conversation, check out CBC Radio Active at 4:40pm tomorrow (Wednesday) or the program’s SoundCloud channel!

Here are a few neat links I came across about this fascinating community:


Who We Are in YEG: LGBTQ Community Past and Present


Last week I got to sit down with Michael Phair to dig into the history of the LGBTQ community here in Edmonton. A couple of years back I got to hear him speak about this on an Edmonton Heritage Council YEG Curiousities Bus Tour  and knew he had some of the hidden stories in town. I was not disappointed.



We recorded our interview in the EPL Stanley Milner Library downtown. There are two free sound booths where you can do music, podcasts, oral histories or interviews. They’ve got a great set up but I had my own this time: well, on loan from CBC Edmonton.



You can hear my interview with Michael on Radio Active tomorrow, Wednesday, July 15 at 4:40pm or afterward on their SoundCloud channel.

In the meantime, here are some great resources about the LGBTQ history here in town:

This Week’s CBC Column: YEG’s Muslim Community

This week my summer column returns to its normal time slot at 4:40pm on Wednesday. I will be speaking to the long Muslim history in Edmonton with help from social entrepreneur and heritage project leader, Omar Yaqub. If you can’t catch the column then, or you’d like to listen to past editions, please click here for the CBC Edmontont SoundCloud site.


Omar shows off a beautiful Kashmiri prayer rug depicting the Kaaba at Mecca.



The Green Room is tucked away next to Centre High, which apparently has a high proportion of Muslim students.P1020576



The Green Room, I was told, is a safe, serene space for Muslim youth to hang out, observe prayers, and get some studying done.



There is art from around the world on display, including this awesome piece by local artist Adnan Alladen. www.adnanelladen.com



One of the supporting beams shows young members on field trips and during celebrations, wrapped in twinkle lights.


We are currently in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and Green Room members have signalled their intentions on the “idea paint” wall.


Learn more!

Today’s CBC Column: Metis Community in Edmonton

I’ll be doing my CBC Radio Active column, Who We Are, at a special time today because of the holiday yesterday. Please tune in after the 3pm news to hear me try and untangle the complex history and present-day Metis community in Edmonton with the help of former Poet Laureate and metis writer, Anna Marie Sewell.


Anna Marie and I sat down in the City Hall School space earlier this week to chat about her family’s story and the cultural landscape in the city. I hope you enjoy our chat and if you’re looking for more information, please check out the links below!

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