Thank you to my Kickstarter backers!

Doing my first Kickstarter campaign and my first indie publishing venture the past couple of months for Fever on the Forgotten Coast has been fun and, frankly, very vulnerable! But my community has come through in a big way. One of my favourite parts of a book is doing the acknowledgements, and I’d love toContinue reading “Thank you to my Kickstarter backers!”

Miramichi Reader Dreams Along with Freddie!

Thank you to the Miramichi Reader for their lovely review of Freddie the Flyer. It’s so heartening when the reviewer really gets the aim and intent of a book (and its authors) and connects with it! “The North is a place of extremes with its harsh climate and its exquisite beauty, where one calls toContinue reading “Miramichi Reader Dreams Along with Freddie!”

Kickstarter is launched for kid’s book!

For the next two weeks, I’m inviting backers to support my first Kickstarter campaign for my debut chapter book aimed at 7 to 9-year-old readers! To learn more about Fever on the Forgotten Coast, please visit my Kickstarter project page where you’ll find a video, information, and all the fun rewards levels I cooked up.Continue reading “Kickstarter is launched for kid’s book!”

Glowing Booklist Review of Freddie!

Freddie the Flyer.By Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail and Fred Carmichael. Illus. by Audrea Loreen-WulfOct. 2023. 32p. Tundra, $17.99 USD (9781774880807). Gr. 1–3. 629.13092 The story of an Indigenous boy who dreamed of taking to the sky unfolds across the year in thispicture-book biography that draws on Gwich’in and Inuvialuqtun languages, the power of an unshakeable passion, and,Continue reading “Glowing Booklist Review of Freddie!”

School Library Journal Dialog Day: They Dreamed Big

In exactly one month I get to take part in this amazing day of virtual sessions for librarians and educators being put on by the School Library Journal! And the special guest speaker is the famous Texan actor/director Matthew McConaughey himself. AND there are a ton of other authors and illustrators I love like GeorgeContinue reading “School Library Journal Dialog Day: They Dreamed Big”

Halifax Kids’ Day – November 4, 2023

Save the date! I’m so excited to be part of Afterwords Literary Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia this fall! Come join us on Saturday, November 4, 2023 from 1-4pm at the Halifax Central Library for this FREE event with a dozen children’s book authors from the region and beyond. There will be activities, snacks, storytimes,Continue reading “Halifax Kids’ Day – November 4, 2023”

Creating, Joining, and Elevating Writing Groups

I went out on a limb this spring and taught a brand new workshop called Creating, Joining, and Elevating Writing Groups and I LOVED it. We’ll probably offer it again through the Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia, but I would really enjoy sharing it with other organizations as a webinar, virtual workshop, or in-person sessionContinue reading “Creating, Joining, and Elevating Writing Groups”