Creating, Joining, and Elevating Writing Groups

person writing on notebook

I went out on a limb this spring and taught a brand new workshop called Creating, Joining, and Elevating Writing Groups and I LOVED it. We’ll probably offer it again through the Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia, but I would really enjoy sharing it with other organizations as a webinar, virtual workshop, or in-person session for conferences or retreats. It can be sized up or down from an hour (with the highlights reel) to 8 hours over multiple days for an in-depth experience with activities!

If you’re a writer, you know that a big piece of advice is to find other writers. And that’s great, but we’re all human, and we’ve all been in that group that is just not great. Or downright toxic.

So I took 15 years of experience in various writing groups (the good, the bad, and the ugly), together with facilitation training and a ton of research around inclusivity, neurodiversity, trauma, mental health, high-conflict people, and more, to create this interactive workshop.

Now I will shamelessly share the sweet things three participants sent in about the workshop 🙂

“Thank you for being such a great instructor. I love your easy-going, understanding and genuine teaching style. I would take another workshop from you in a heartbeat, that’s how great a time I had. I loved hearing everyone’s story and the exercises we did and the writing prompts you provided were excellent.”

“The instructor did an excellent job of modelling how to make a large group function successfully. Packed with practical, useful tips. They also encouraged higher level thinking and personal reflection regarding group dynamics, personal interactions, conflict, etc.”

“Danielle is a seasoned presenter. I appreciate how she often went “meta” in her offering of tips, turning our group into a de-facto writing group.”