Pre-Order Info for Freddie the Flyer

With all the wonderful media interest (print! radio! en francais!) in the book, we have been getting orders for copies already – even though it doesn’t come out until late October.

You can always pre-order through your favourite online or bricks and mortar stores (like Amazon and Chapters-Indigo). We highly recommend independent bookstores in your community as well. Here in Halifax, we have a wonderful children’s store called Woozles and in Lunenburg there’s Block Shop (I’ll be doing events with both of them soon!).

Miki, Fred and I chatted, and we will be able to offer two ways for you and the littles in your life to enjoy signed and personalized copies of this gorgeous picture book.

  • We’ll create a limited number of bookplates (fancy stickers) that we will both sign and send to you for the price of shipping and handling. Depending on where we need to post it, this will likely run $2-5 (taxes included). My e-newsletter subscribers will get dibs on my supply of 200 bookplates, so be sure you’re signed up!
  • A limited number of signed and personalized book copies we will ship directly to you. These can either have a bookplate (until they run out) with both of our signatures, or I will be able to mail signed ones (by me only) from my home base in Halifax. This will be the cost of the book ($23.99) + s/h. Bulk orders within Canada will be available at a discount using pre-paid boxes.

We will be able to mail these out in time for the holidays. They would likely arrive late November to mid-December.

Please feel free to contact me at info[@] for a quote!

(just remove the brackets)