Giving Props

In today’s street jargon, “giving someone props” is to give them recognition, often by bumping knuckles. In the aviation history circles I’m running with these days, though, “props” are “propellers” – so it seems kind of fitting to use the term to say thanks to my colleagues’ ongoing support.

As many of you know, I am living in Green River, WY far from Canada’s National Archives in Ottawa or any Canadian library. This makes it really hard to do any additional research for my book, or the air tourism article I just wrote for Beaver, Canada’s History Magazine. Through the miracles of internet and a group of aviation enthusiasts with incredible research skills and resources, however, I have been able to get answers to niggling questions like, “did Laurentian Air Services ever operate a Republic Seabee?” or “did Bertrand Airways ever have a base at Fort Coulonge?”

I just want to take a moment and give “props” quickly to some of these wonderful people: Paddy Gardiner, Neil Aird, Terry Judge, Tim DubĂ©, Bill Peppler, John Bogie, Dick Pickering, and, of course, my father, Jacques Chenail.

Don’t worry, you’ll still get proper acknowledgements in the book and those pints of thank-you beers I promised!

If any of you are interested in planes or aviation history, you should check out Neil’s website ( and the Canadian Aviation Historical Society (

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