Historian Laureate: No Fooling!

I still worry there could be a chance this is an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank, but the City sent out a media release, and they don’t usually kid around on these things. So it looks like it’s official: I get to be Edmonton’s Historian Laureate for the next two years. There really couldn’t be a better gig for a history geek-freelance writer!

Over the coming twenty-four months, I look forward to connecting with Edmontonians past and present (and I guess, near future!) about their experiences with the city’s heritage – whether it’s family histories, a story about an underappreciated chapter in this city’s past, or even a trip to a community museum or event. Feel free to send me a tweet @danicanuck or email me at historian.laureate@edmonton.ca (it should be set up soon) or through this site and I will try to answer you personally as soon as I can. If you use the #yeghistory hashtag in your tweets, I’ll be sure to retweet.

As a relatively new transplant to Edmonton myself, I appreciate that many of us have (for now) shallow roots here. Sometimes we are so busy raising families and making a living that it’s hard to take time to learn about the history all around us. I plan to make it a priority to find out about all the different ways we can engage with this history in fun ways – even with the kids in tow! I’ll be sure to blog about my adventures and if you have suggestions – please send them my way. I’m happy to hear about anything Retro, Vintage, Old Timey – you name it, I want it!

I’m especially excited to be Historian Laureate now, after we just hosted the last Truth and Reconciliation Commission event here in Edmonton, and Mayor Don Iveson has proclaimed this to be a Year of Reconciliation. I support this idea completely, and have done a lot of research and writing on the darker sides of contact in this country. I really hope I can be useful in this process.

Let’s start the conversation and make some history, Edmonton!

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