Speaking at Writers Conference – from 9 to 99 on Saturday

This Saturday I get to head out to lovely Strathcona County and sit on a panel about writing dialogue with some fabulous writer friends (and soon-to-be friends): Natasha Deen, Margaret MacPherson, Barbie-Jo Smith, and Bill Roberts. I’ve got my thoughtful nodding look prepped and a few talking points that I hope are useful and interesting!

A little later that afternoon, I’ll be holding court about writing for magazines. It’ll be a challenge to compress my 20-hour U of A Faculty of Extension class into 45 minutes, but I’ve tried to extract the essentials and a few humorous anecdotes. And then watch me dance while I field the Q&A for 15 minutes (especially if some of the alumni from that U of A class have come!).

Hope to have kicked this cold by then so I’m not sharing germs along with hard-won nuggets of info.


For more information, check out this website as well as  Mandy Eve Barnett’s blog.

37 thoughts on “Speaking at Writers Conference – from 9 to 99 on Saturday

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