Small change(s)

I started fundraising a couple of weeks ago for the CIBC Run for the Cure and thanks to my generous sponsors, I have already raised $125!

Doug and I have also started a change-for-change jar. We started out with a good chunk after a garage sale this spring, but have also been regularly emptying our wallets and pockets the past few weeks. We are now up to $100 and we won’t stop until the jar is full! Then we’ll cash the change in at our bank and donate it to our fundraising coffers.

If you’ve got some change lying around that you’d be interested in donating, please go to: and put in Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail or Doug Pagnutti. No amount is too small and we would really appreciate your support!

In other run-related news, I just finished Week 6 of my 5km walk-to-run training programme. Yesterday morning’s session was pretty brutal: I had been out late the night before and I kept getting these cramps in my belly during my jogging intervals. I still managed to finish the prescribed number of minutes running, though! Sometimes it pays to be stubborn!

Tomorrow I start Week 7 and will be jogging a total of 20 min, four times a week. My family and I will also be doing a practise 5km walk in the next week or two. We’ve mapped out our route through St-Emile-de-Suffolk, QC (my parents’ town) and it should be great!

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