Author Q&A on Aviation, History, and Writing/Publishing!

I’ve often said this little apple didn’t fall far from the tree: I was destined to write about aviation because there were so many airplane nuts in my family. Well, maybe I was also destined to write – period – because of my genetics. I come from a long line of  journalers, journalists, radio play writers, andContinue reading “Author Q&A on Aviation, History, and Writing/Publishing!”

Margaret Atwood and Me

The last few days a bad cold meant I could barely hold my head up, let alone sit at my desk. But I could read, and luckily I was in the middle of Rosemary Sulivan’s fascinating biography on Margaret Atwood’s early years: The Red Shoes (1998). I have always been ambivalent about Atwood and IContinue reading “Margaret Atwood and Me”