Up-Ending the Pile

Blogging has unfortunately dropped to the bottom of the writing pile. Before it comes tweeting, facebook status-updating, grocery-list writing, emailing, powerpoint slides, website copy, grant applications, and magazine articles. But this blog entry still comes before poetry and my book projects, which sit in boxes on the highest shelf, just out of my reach. SnippetsContinue reading “Up-Ending the Pile”

No More Blinkin’ Excuses

Last week while talking to some friends of mine at the Book and Bean, I busted through a creative wall. Since completing For the Love of Flying back in the spring I’ve felt the full range of emotion you’d expect with completing a book: euphoria, exhaustion, satisfaction, anxiety… but mostly, I’ve felt a bittersweet senseContinue reading “No More Blinkin’ Excuses”

Fall (Re)Training

October, I decided, is about getting back into shape. I feel like the last few months I’ve been letting both my mind and body lie fallow. This isn’t a totally bad thing. After all, think of farming: agriculturalists know you’ve got to give a field a chance to rest, to regain nutrients, so that itContinue reading “Fall (Re)Training”

The deadline neareth

Many people seem to think writers produce in a fit of creativity and mostly spend their days awaiting inspiration while going on cool trips to far-off places, and possibly drinking absinthe. While I get zaps of inspiration from time to time, I find creating any piece of writing mostly takes a lot of hard work.Continue reading “The deadline neareth”