Up-Ending the Pile

Blogging has unfortunately dropped to the bottom of the writing pile. Before it comes tweeting, facebook status-updating, grocery-list writing, emailing, powerpoint slides, website copy, grant applications, and magazine articles.

But this blog entry still comes before poetry and my book projects, which sit in boxes on the highest shelf, just out of my reach. Snippets of dialogue and images form in my head but always when I’m away from my desk, where it seems that only the extinguishing of daily fires takes place. When I sit there, staring at the screen, trying to create, nothing happens.

Sometimes there are just no words left.

Sometimes you can try too hard.

Maybe it’s time to up-end my pile – to reverse the order of things. Maybe I need to ignore the strange clipped emails from strangers whose words take too much brain power to figure out. Set my status to away. Save my 140 characters for the characters in my books.

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