Berton House Top Ten

It’s that time of year. The time of year when magazines, tv shows, internet sites, and everyone else make top ten lists. So I will too. About my time up north (although it’s very hard to pick just ten!).

Here they are in no particular order:
1. Working, reading, watching tv, chatting, and napping at Berton House on the sectional snuggled up in the HBC blanket.
2. Experiencing ice fog in minus 40-degree weather in Dawson. Yep, I’m a little strange.
3. Doing the sourtoe cocktail with friends at the Dowtown bar in Dawson.
4. Going curling in Inuvik and hanging out in the curling club post-game. Best place in town on a Friday night!

5. Hiking up Dome Mountain in Dawson in December – and then sliding down on my backside!

6. Finding out I had family in Whitehorse and getting to spend great times with them. Thanks so much, Judy, Bruce, Ben, and Charlie!
7. Hanging out at Bombay Peggy’s and being there for close-down on November 10th!
8. Doing old-timey portraits with the gals in Dawson: Easy-laine, Diamond Tooth Sandy, and Jailbait Jenny. Oh yeah, and I’m Dawson Dani (the one with the gun).

9. Visiting Old Crow and getting to attend a community feast. Such a friendly town and glad I got the chance to go twice!
10. Skagway, AK in September: delicious food, good hiking, and seeing that the Sarah Palin store actually exists!

151 thoughts on “Berton House Top Ten

  1. Don't know if I mentioned this, but I did a story that touched on Old Crow, and in doing it ran across my favourite newspaper columnist of all time: I forget her name (I think she was in the Dawson paper), but I read a column by her that described the coming of the ice and the preparations the village was making for it, a bit of local news about the hunt, and in the last paragraph a mention that they'd all heard Trudeau had died and were sad because he was a good man. There was no artifice, just her own voice.

  2. Mark – I think you mean Edith Josie, who wrote "Here are the news" as a columnist for the Whitehorse Star. Planning on using her columns for research for the next book!

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