Feeling High and Dry

High Desert Country. This pretty much sums up the climate and elevation of our new hometown of Green River, Wyoming: the city sits at a lofty 6100 ft (1859 m) above sea level and is a green oasis surrounded by scrubland, sand dunes, and the Red Desert. To put this in perspective, nearby Denver, ColoradoContinue reading “Feeling High and Dry”

Pagmetchen Tennis Series ’08

Wimbledon. French Open. Roger’s Cup. These tennis events are synonymous with the best of what the sport has to offer: tough competition, drama on (and off) the court, and athletic prowess. As always, though, it is among the ranks of amateurs playing out of the spotlight where the real action takes place! This is whereContinue reading “Pagmetchen Tennis Series ’08”

Omigod I’m going to run 5km!

The move to Wyoming means Doug and I will not be in Ottawa for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s CIBC Run for the Cure on October 5th. We have both signed up as members of my mum’s team (Mighty Mary’s Miracle), though, and we will be running 5km on October 5th. I have never beenContinue reading “Omigod I’m going to run 5km!”