Harvey the Cat: A Nearly True Story of Hurricane Harvey and the Houston Floods

When life throws overwhelming experiences at me, I write about them. That’s just what I (and most of the other writers I know) do in order to process and make sense of things. So when I recently went through Hurricane Harvey with my family and pets, I started writing.       First it wasContinue reading “Harvey the Cat: A Nearly True Story of Hurricane Harvey and the Houston Floods”

Opening Hearts and Starting Conversations

For the past six weeks, I’ve been working with other members of RISEdmonton (Reconciliation in Solidarity Edmonton) to make this heart garden happen. The group’s founder, Miranda Jimmy, was inspired to do this project by the one being installed during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s closing events in Ottawa, as well as ones that wereContinue reading “Opening Hearts and Starting Conversations”

#YEG Essay in Avenue Magazine

 Homing in on Edmonton   A Central-Canadian gal learns to love Edmonton I have a confession to make. Back in 2008, when my husband and I had just  finished our degrees and the world economy was in a downward spin, he was offered a job. Good news. Great, even. But — and it’s tough to admit — this central-Canadian girlContinue reading “#YEG Essay in Avenue Magazine”

Happy Holidays!

  And now the making of that photo… Getting the antlers on the dog and getting him in position was pretty easy. He takes direction well, especially when there are treats involved. Wrestling the cat into the Santa suit was a different story. And getting him into the “sleigh” was nearly impossible…the dog is gettingContinue reading “Happy Holidays!”

From Princess to Coupon Clipper

There are a fascinating array of reality shows out there dealing with the vagaries of personal finance. My favourites so far include Gail Vaz-Oxlade as quirky yet hard-ass host of Til Debt Do Us Part and Princess (still haven’t been able to catch the TDDUP Home Edition on HGTV since I gave up cable, though!Continue reading “From Princess to Coupon Clipper”

Working Out with What You’ve Got

When I lived in Wyoming I was spoiled fitness-wise. Sure, it could get cold in the winter – especially with the wind – but it was sunny most days, I could shovel the snow with a broom, and there were lots of wide open spaces for hikes with the dog. The recreation centre also hadContinue reading “Working Out with What You’ve Got”

Expanding Horizons

I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front since my return from the Yukon, which I blame mostly on all the shovelling I had to do last month. According to my Edmontonian friends and colleagues, it is definitely one of the snowiest winters in living history. Now that the storms have moved off andContinue reading “Expanding Horizons”

Snowpocalypse 2: Return of the Blizzard

This week has seen a steady stream of cold temps (by southern Canadian standards, my Yukon friends keep reminding me) and snow. For the most part it’s just been a few centimetre here and there, then yesterday it decided to dump on us. Again. This morning I woke up to at least another 10 cmContinue reading “Snowpocalypse 2: Return of the Blizzard”