Facing the pet store lady

A lot of you remember my run-in with the “are you an environmentalist?/apocalypse” pet store lady a couple of months back.

I saw her again today!

I’ve tried to avoid that pet store since the incident. I’m sorry, but nothing scares me more than the religiously insane (no matter how blog-worthy their antics!). This coming Saturday, though, the Humane Society is holding a fundraising event and it’s being hosted by the pet store, so I and a couple of colleagues went in to scope out the space and figure out how things will work.

I made my colleague speak with pet store lady while I nochalantly pretended to examine nearby pet products. I was still paying close attention to the conversation, though, and overheard another crazy, yet wonderful quote. She said that she believed our fundraiser would be a ‘blessed event.’ Now, from what I know Christians consider the birth of Jesus and his resurrection ‘blessed events’ – isn’t it sacrilege to put Santapaws (where owners bring their pets to have photos taken with Santa) on the same level? I guess I was wrong about her: I would definitely have pegged her for one of those people with a “put Christ back in Christmas” bumper sticker on their pick-up trucks!

I also had to buy a head halter for Riker since my puppy elbow* has been interfering with my typing. I carefully waited until a different lady was at the cash register and hurried over to pay for my purchase. But pet store lady was hovering nearby, so I let the other woman bag up my purchase just in case (I was willing to accept one plastic bag to avoid more angry ranting!).

I made it out in one piece. Who knows what will happen when we’re together for 9 hours on Saturday… (da da daaaaaa!)

*It’s like tennis elbow except it’s caused by a rambunctious puppy constantly yanking the leash.

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