On a much lighter note!

To balance out the heaviness of the previous post, I’d like to draw inspiration from the American media which basically has the following M.O.: “We will hear more about the tragedy that occurred last night shortly. For now, let’s look at this hilarious footage of a squirrel water-skiing!” Ok, so I don’t have a videoContinue reading “On a much lighter note!”

Rapid-fire house hunting

Sunday, September 7th: Initial Optimism Doug and I arrived in Rock Springs at approximately 2pm on Sunday, September 7th. Since then, we have spent practically every waking moment trying to find ourselves a place to rent. Before we left Ottawa we were in touch with Doug’s “relocation coordinator” who I assume was supposed to doContinue reading “Rapid-fire house hunting”

26 hours of driving done and 4 to go!

After two semi-grueling days of driving from Lapeer, Michigan through several heartland states, we have arrived in the Cowboy/Equality State (apparently it is known by both these monikers). We are currently in Cheyenne, staying at a hotel surrounded by highways and train tracks. We actually had to run across both an on and off rampContinue reading “26 hours of driving done and 4 to go!”

Going to the dogs

Last week I was staying at my parents’ place and, as usual, I scanned their overflowing bookshelves for something to read. A bright yellow hardcover caught my eye and I soon found myself immersed in a marvelous book: How Dogs Think by Stanley Coren (www.stanleycoren.com). Dr. Coren, a professor of psychology at the University ofContinue reading “Going to the dogs”