Facing the pet store lady

A lot of you remember my run-in with the “are you an environmentalist?/apocalypse” pet store lady a couple of months back. I saw her again today! I’ve tried to avoid that pet store since the incident. I’m sorry, but nothing scares me more than the religiously insane (no matter how blog-worthy their antics!). This comingContinue reading “Facing the pet store lady”

On a much lighter note!

To balance out the heaviness of the previous post, I’d like to draw inspiration from the American media which basically has the following M.O.: “We will hear more about the tragedy that occurred last night shortly. For now, let’s look at this hilarious footage of a squirrel water-skiing!” Ok, so I don’t have a videoContinue reading “On a much lighter note!”


For the past month I’ve been volunteering at the Rock Springs Humane Society here in Wyoming. I’ve been really enjoying spending time with the animals (and the people) at the Society, but I also love all the behind-the-scenes work I’ve been doing organizing fundraisers and other events. Yesterday we put on the 3rd annual DracupawsContinue reading “Dracupaws!”