26 hours of driving done and 4 to go!

After two semi-grueling days of driving from Lapeer, Michigan through several heartland states, we have arrived in the Cowboy/Equality State (apparently it is known by both these monikers). We are currently in Cheyenne, staying at a hotel surrounded by highways and train tracks. We actually had to run across both an on and off rampContinue reading “26 hours of driving done and 4 to go!”

Ongoing Mysteries

Doug and I are still living day-to-day and week-to-week regarding the move to Wyoming. Everyone I’ve spoken with thinks it’s very strange we don’t know when we’re actually moving or where we’ll be living when we get down there. Me too! I knew there would be a lot of hoops to jump through and headachesContinue reading “Ongoing Mysteries”

Going to the dogs

Last week I was staying at my parents’ place and, as usual, I scanned their overflowing bookshelves for something to read. A bright yellow hardcover caught my eye and I soon found myself immersed in a marvelous book: How Dogs Think by Stanley Coren (www.stanleycoren.com). Dr. Coren, a professor of psychology at the University ofContinue reading “Going to the dogs”