Oystergrass and Bear River

Nothing says summer like an outdoor music festival, so when I heard there was a FREE one nearby some friends and I piled into a car and headed out for the afternoon. The Oyster Ridge Music Festival (known by those in the know as Oystergrass) is a three-day annual festival in Kemmerer, WY that bringsContinue reading “Oystergrass and Bear River”

Hiking southwestern Wyoming: Scott’s Bottom, buttes, and Wild Hairs in Butts

Since we got back from Colorado, Doug has been extremely busy with work (for those who were wondering, he passed his oral exams with flying colours) and I’ve settled into my new schedule of working on For the Love of Flying things in the morning and doing background research for my novel at the libraryContinue reading “Hiking southwestern Wyoming: Scott’s Bottom, buttes, and Wild Hairs in Butts”

Colorado, When Can I See You Again?

On Monday, July 13th, Doug had to go to Denver for two days of oral exams to move from the training/apprenticeship stage of his job to full-fledged Field Engineer status. The company would have paid for his flights, but we got the go-ahead to drive there instead (only 5 hours) and so set off aroundContinue reading “Colorado, When Can I See You Again?”

Desert Escape

After our aborted Adobe Town camping trip, we had an extra day to fill before Doug went back to work. I had read that there were some pretty interesting sites nearby and suggested we do a picnic dinner and evening hike at the White Mountain Petroglyphs, Boar’s Tusk, and Killpecker Sand Dunes this past Monday.Continue reading “Desert Escape”

Launching Summer

Although I missed my official book launch at the Book & Bean in Green River, WY on June 15th because of car problems, the owner and I decided to schedule a little meet and greet on Saturday, June 20th. I made sucre a la creme (using my aunt Micheline’s recipe) and gave out maple candiesContinue reading “Launching Summer”

Legal Aliens Welcomed at Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport

In the 15 years since NASA predicted Jupiter would be struck by a series of large meteors and comets, no Jovians have appeared on Green River’s doorstep. The welcome mat is out, however, as Dina Mishev wrote in her 2007 book, Wyoming Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff (Global Pequot). On JulyContinue reading “Legal Aliens Welcomed at Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport”

“Wyoming folks have it better than most”

This was the headline for last week’s Green River Star editorial by Kathy Gilbert and from what’s been going on around the U.S. and the rest of the world, I tend to agree. Gilbert was writing in response, of course, to the national recession and everything it entails: increased unemployment, reduced drilling for natural gasContinue reading ““Wyoming folks have it better than most””