Facing the pet store lady

A lot of you remember my run-in with the “are you an environmentalist?/apocalypse” pet store lady a couple of months back. I saw her again today! I’ve tried to avoid that pet store since the incident. I’m sorry, but nothing scares me more than the religiously insane (no matter how blog-worthy their antics!). This comingContinue reading “Facing the pet store lady”

Getting out and about in Green River

My friend, Anna, is visiting me here this week. While we’re both working against major deadlines (me = book; her = finishing up papers and reports for her Master’s in Public Health Policy at the University of Alberta), we needed to get out yesterday. So we headed “into town” i.e. we crossed the tracks toContinue reading “Getting out and about in Green River”

The life of a field engineer’s wife

I thought it was tough when Doug was away at training in Houston, TX and Kellyville, OK for two weeks. It turns out that when a field engineer is out in the field it’s actually much easier on his or her family. When the field engineer is at home, chaos reigns. This isn’t Doug’s fault.Continue reading “The life of a field engineer’s wife”

Preached at in a Pet Store

Saturday was a warm and sunny day and I was feeling particularly fancy-free because Doug had just gotten home from training and could puppy-sit while I escaped the house. One of my errands was to go pick up another dog bed for Riker because I was sick of carrying his bed from room to roomContinue reading “Preached at in a Pet Store”

Feeling High and Dry

High Desert Country. This pretty much sums up the climate and elevation of our new hometown of Green River, Wyoming: the city sits at a lofty 6100 ft (1859 m) above sea level and is a green oasis surrounded by scrubland, sand dunes, and the Red Desert. To put this in perspective, nearby Denver, ColoradoContinue reading “Feeling High and Dry”

Must be a full moon

I know it’s an old superstition, but the little white dog two doors down keeps yapping, I’m having trouble sleeping, and the last few days have just been too weird. First of all, Doug and I keep hurting ourselves. 1) Guinness was lying on one of the stairs a few nights ago and Doug almostContinue reading “Must be a full moon”

Rapid-fire house hunting

Sunday, September 7th: Initial Optimism Doug and I arrived in Rock Springs at approximately 2pm on Sunday, September 7th. Since then, we have spent practically every waking moment trying to find ourselves a place to rent. Before we left Ottawa we were in touch with Doug’s “relocation coordinator” who I assume was supposed to doContinue reading “Rapid-fire house hunting”